Dunia tidak berhenti berkelana, sebab manusia sebagai penunggangnya tak berhenti mencari. Jadi, apa yang kamu cari?

Jumat, 19 Maret 2021

Note on Adulthood

Jumat, 19 Maret 2021 19.24 No comments
Adulthood's greatest enemy is peer-pressure. Just how many irrational decision an adult is made to take simply for the desire to surpass others or the fear of missing out? And when those desires came to fruition, all they could feel in their grasp was none other than the hollow. 

Some even fell on the misery of how they are scythed by what they dreamed of. That what they dreamed of actually wasn't that glorious compared to the agony they have to spare themselves daily. Victims of domestic violence, that once jumped on to the boat of marriage because of the desperation of living alone, may testify on how their dream just cost them themselves.

How can we ever be truly free? The courage is the key. The courage of being true to ourselves. Listen to what it really wants. It has long suffered from our ignorance.

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