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Sabtu, 15 Maret 2014

Question The Passion

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Last night, one of my dormitory buddy, Reza Syam, told me (together with some other pals, though) about what passion really is, regarding to Calnewport.

In his point of view, the "follow your passion" adagium is not a significant matter contributing in someone's achievement. An interesting fact declared about Steve Jobs, someone that might pop up in major people's head when we stir up our chat into this passion-stuff. As we nodded our heads in agreement that his passion towards computer is what led him to be a role model of a giant tree of success story grew from a tiny seed of passion.

But apparently, back in his early period, he's a young man who got hooked by his interest towards eastern mysticism. In so we called, his passion when he was young was actually the eastern mysticism! Thus, for the sake of funding this interest of his, he started making computers which later became his early steps of thousand miles success story.

So the gist here is that, instead of dwelling about following our passion, we should be consistent of what we are doing now. Because whether we confess it or not, most of us don't grasp a clear picture of what our passion really is, do we?

Okay so, what is "passion" actually? Well, here is the point. Regarding to Calnewport, passion is a mixture of three components. Laying prone as the first block is the sense of fulfillment. Which exists when we found enjoyment in doing something, thus we do that thing, to our heart's content.

The second is the sense of mastery, in which we felt we're so capable of something. Or, simply, we are the man of that thing.

And lying atop the previous components, is the sense of purpose. The sense of having a clear sight of where do we wanna go. Thus we row our boat of life in zealousy, vigorously.

While the previous two components are likely to bloom as the river of time flows, the third component be the most essential part here. Because this is where our thread of fate started to be drawn , regardless of wherever it ends. Or should i say, wherever we want our life to end.

So, what do you live for? :)

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