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Rabu, 23 Oktober 2013

Heath & Potter: The Anarchist

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..Even the anarchists of 19th century weren’t that anarchic as prescribed in the modern definition of this terminology. They didn’t oppose the social order, neither were individualists. In a lot of cases, they didn’t even want to overthrown the state. They only opposed to the coercive force of the social order and the modern militerism. Mikhail Bakumin’s Revolutionary Catechism, a document which became the foundation stone of political anarchism, is nothing more radical than a call for the voluntary federalism as a principal for national organization, along with the universal voting right for both genders. Bakumin, that infamous anarchist, was apparently the first person who call for the establishment of The United States of Europe.

Thus, when the society with absolute voice is condemned as a deceitful game, here nobody shall hesitate about who deceives who. The consent of the radical political activists and thinkers in 18th and 19th century, wasn’t the obliteration of the game itself, but only to the equalization of the game board. Eventually, the radical politic along the beginning of the modern period had a popular character. The objective, is clearly to move the society against the government.

But, in the second half of the 20th century, the radical politic took a curvature, away from this paradigm. Instead of considering the mass as an ally for the struggle, the society became the main target of suspicion. Not long afterwards, the society–which means the mainstream society–even viewed as the main problem, instead of the solution. While the great philosophers of Renaissance reprimanded the obedience as the slave-nature which impelled tyranny, the radicals started to view confomity as a greater crime. The tale of this far-away curvature, held the primary key in comprehending the derivation of the counter-culture myth..

–translated from the indonesian translation of The Rebel Sell by Heath and Potter. Anyway, have i been crowned as the father of looping translation yet? XD

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