Dunia tidak berhenti berkelana, sebab manusia sebagai penunggangnya tak berhenti mencari. Jadi, apa yang kamu cari?

Jumat, 01 Februari 2013

what i've learned from you

Jumat, 01 Februari 2013 16.22 No comments
  • have your own life, live it. of course you can't ask someone else to live in such an empty house. enrich your world!
  • open your eyes, widely. (read! read! read!)
  • always be curious, and fulfill it!
  • just before you decide, listen to what other say, you always have your time for it. stay away from your sudden judgement, it's the key of understanding.
  • i can love you, i can leave you. love is such a fragile thing, it requires a strong reason to stand on.
  • be a dependable man, a responsible one, who have a compassion, ability to arrange plans, and of course, to endlessly inspire.
  • respect other people's bonds.
  • have a courage! exile those chicken shit of cowardices from inside yourself! have a right dose of being cautious.
  • keep this on your mind, "i am nothing!", and be purely humble, naturally low-profile, to be able to fully respect others.
  • always thoughtful about your dearest people around you.
  • dare to execute your idea! don't be a lazy meat!
  • protect her.
  • be grateful, for everything.

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